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Discover and experience the incomparable beauties and endless diversity of Sri Lanka with GTL Travels.

When you look at the world map, the distinctive teardrop island you can see, nestled just below India and surrounded by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, is a paradise tourism destination in every sense. Very few places compare in bio and cultural diversity and with the correct planning, expert coordination, insider tips and continuous in-destination support, your trip to Sri Lanka will refresh your spirit and make memories that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to offer you a smooth, stress free tour that will provide you with unforgettable life experiences at a value for money price.

Sri Lanka is both logistically tricky and incredibly diverse. A trip around Sri Lanka involves driving around from one location to the next. Each stop is a new chapter, a new story. Good guides in Sri Lanka need to know their way around extremely well. They need to know the precise location of hotels, many of which are small places off the beaten path. They need to know how to avoid a cluttered highway and choose a more scenic back road. And Sri Lanka’s incredible diversity means guides need to be able to talk about history, geography, religion, wildlife, architecture, society and contemporary affairs while at the same time personalize the service for clients from different cultures from all over the world. We are extremely proud of our guides. We cannot thank them enough for their thoughtfulness, flexibility, sense of responsibility and for the passion they bring to bear on a trip each and every time.

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Our fleet of luxury vehicles is always standing by for transport facilities. While you take our tours, you can rest assured that our extensive knowledge of the Sri Lankan landscape, our attention to the little details, and experience of our guides in providing quality service to our visitors will guarantee you a most memorable vacation.

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Discover and experience the incomparable beauties and endless diversity of Sri Lanka with GTL Travels.

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